Noel Gallagher stopped Liam from appearing on ‘Wonderwall’ cover

"Wonderwall is a love song. It’s about a girl”.

The man behind some of Oasis‘ most iconic record covers has revealed that he planned to feature Liam Gallagher on the cover of ‘Wonderwall’, before Noel blocked the idea.

Michael Spencer Jones, who shot the cover to 1994’s ‘Definitely Maybe’, recalled how he and Liam were heading to London’s Primrose Hill to shoot the ‘Wonderwall’ artwork when a black cab “came to a screeching halt by us.”

He told The Mirror that Noel then got out of the vehicle and explained that Liam would not appear on the cover because “Wonderwall is a love song. It’s about a girl.”


In the end, a female employee from Creation Records then appeared on the artwork to the 1995 single.

He also recalled shooting the cover to 1997’s ‘Be Here Now’, which descended into “chaos,” hampering his plans to shoot the sleeve at night time.

“The shoot descended into absolute chaos by night-time. The band were totally smashed. A generator blew up and the film was under-exposed,” Michael revealed.

“In the end, we went with an image I’d done earlier in the day.”


Michael’s photos are set to go on display at London’s h club from November 22 to January 12.

Meanwhile, Liam kicked off his latest UK arena tour in Cardiff earlier this week. As well as performing ‘Gas Panic’ with former Oasis guitarist Bonehead, the show saw Liam playing a host of Oasis songs including ‘Acquiesce’, ‘Supersonic’ and ‘Roll With It’.

Yesterday saw Noel release new single ‘Wandering Star’, his latest effort with the High Flying Birds.