Noel Gallagher compares ‘deluded’ Liverpool FC fans to the Queen Mother

The musician is a diehard Manchester City supporter

Noel Gallagher has compared “deluded” Liverpool FC fans to the Queen Mother in a new interview.

The musician is well known for his love of Manchester City, having been photographed at matches and regularly discussed his fandom over the years.

Appearing on talkSPORT this morning (August 29), Gallagher was asked how Liverpool fans treat him when he goes to the Merseyside city. “Liverpool fans are a bit weird,” he replied. “They get over-emotional. They’re like the Queen Mother, Liverpool fans, aren’t they?”

He continued: “They think everybody loves them. They are kind of a little bit deluded.”

Gallagher added that his band, the High Flying Birds, featured three Liverpool FC fans. “It’s great watching the meltdown around about March,” he said. “Particularly in the Champions League Final – we were on stage while it was on and there was a couple of Liverpool fans. I could see them kind of dying as the gig went on.”

The star had no sympathy for them, though, as their team was beaten 3-1 by Gareth Bale’s Real Madrid. “I must say – after they smashed up our team coach in the quarter-final – I think I derived as much pleasure from that as I did from winning the league,” he explained. Listen to the interview above.

Meanwhile, Gallagher revealed recently that he had stumbled across an album, previously thought to be lost, in a sock drawer.

After Oasis split, he had worked with production duo Amorphous Androgynous on a “space rock” record, but later claimed he had destroyed the masters. Now, Gallagher has found a copy, but won’t be revisiting it immediately.

“It might be nice to go back and revisit it in years to come, because ‘Shoot A Hole Into The Sun’ is fucking great and there might be more stuff like that in there,” he said. “Best to give it a bit of distance though I think.”