Noel Gallagher discusses ‘common pigeon’ Liam’s new album and ‘Donald Trump’ Twitter antics

Has Noel heard 'As You Were'?

Noel Gallagher has revealed that he won’t be listening to his brother Liam‘s solo album ‘As You Were’ as he’s “not a fan”. He also compared him to a ‘common pigeon’.

Earlier this month, Liam released huge-selling solo debut ‘As You Were‘. However, as Noel prepares to release his next record ‘Who Built The Moon?’, he has confessed that he has no interest in listening to the work of his former Oasis bandmate.

Asked why he hadn’t checked out ‘As You Were’, Noel told Q: “Because I’m not a fan. I’m not going to learn anything. He doesn’t write his own songs, so it means nothing to me.”


Speaking of Liam’s frequent attacks against Noel (the most recent was slamming his live rendition of ‘Champagne Supernova‘), he described their ongoing feud as ‘sport’, and added that he’s ‘indifferent’ to Liam’s tirades.

“I’ll be in a boozer and someone will say, ‘fucking hell, our kid’s gone all like Donald Trump’,” Noel continued. “But y’know, I’m trying to soar like an eagle an eagle and I’m being asked to comment on the ramblings of a common pigeon.”

In more bizarre news, police in Swindon are currently hunting a ‘Noel Gallagher lookalike‘ spotted ‘swigging White Lightning and licking windows’.

Noel will release ‘Who Built The Moon?’ on November 24.