Here’s what happened when Noel Gallagher joined Gary Neville as a pundit for the Manchester Derby

Noel Gallagher has amused viewers with his appearance as a pundit on the recent Manchester football derby. Check out footage and photos below.

Gallagher, a lifelong Man City fan who last month made headlines by watching a match with fellow fan and Manc music legend Johnny Marr, made his appearance on Sky Sports at the weekend.

Before the match, Neville revealed Noel’s appearance with a joke tweet aimed at his brother Liam. After Liam tweeted “MCFC in the fucking area LG x”, Neville responded with “I thought we booked Noel”. Liam later replied with “him and Gary Neville pair of wankers. I like carra though”.

Then to the game itself, when fans took to Twitter to voice their amusement as cameras caught Noel’s ecstatic reaction to Manchester City’s 2-1 victory, before he took the opportunity to once again have a dig at Gary Neville, when he provided commentary alongside Graeme Souness.

“It’s great to be sat beside a legend of the game (points to Souness)… and Gary Neville,” he said.

Gallagher and Neville has met on several occasions previously. Once, Noel took the opportunity to sign a guitar with a burning put-down.

“Dear Gary,” he wrote. “How many caps have you got for England? How many of them do you think you have deserved? Fuckin’ none! Lots of love, Noel Gallagher x”

Meanwhile, last week saw Gallagher team up with Gorillaz and Graham Coxon on stage in London, as well as signing up for a ‘secret’ Twitter account to respond to fans.

‘Who Built The Moon’ is out now.