Noel Gallagher has ‘given up trying to defend U2’

"If you get it - great. If you don’t, more fool you"

Noel Gallagher has hit out at critics of U2 – declaring their greatness and that he has ‘given up trying to defend them’.

The last time he toured was with U2 to mark the anniversary of ‘The Joshua Tree’ (much to the annoyance of his brother Liam). Today, as Noel unveiled new single ‘Holy Mountain‘ from up his upcoming new solo album ‘Who Built The Moon?’, Gallagher revealed that he had grown tired of defending the band – and that the experience of touring with them was ‘amazing’.

“It was great, we had a brilliant time, it reaffirmed that the Irish are the best people to hang out with and that the Irish are possibly the worst people to drink with, because none of us really know when to stop,” Gallagher told Radio X, harking back to the time that he and Bono got so drunk that he attempted to escape from him.

“They get a lot of stick thrown at them, U2,” he continued. “In America, they’re one of the great bands of all time. But in England they cop for a lot of flack, which is ridiculous when you think about the amount of records that they sell.”

“Bono seemed, at Twickenham, less larger than life than he usually does… but they shouldn’t be worried. I’ve given up trying to defend U2 now. I’m like, if you get it – great. If you don’t, more fool you.”

Noel Gallagher and Bono at the 2001 Brit Awards

Noel Gallagher and Bono at the 2001 Brit Awards

His brother and former Oasis bandmate Liam had previously attacked his decision to play with the band, accusing him of ‘brown-nosing‘ U2 before saying he’d rather ‘eat shit’ than listen to them, and damning them as a ‘naff band’ that were ‘full of shit’.

Meanwhile this weekend saw Noel and brother Liam Gallagher come to blows in the press. Noel said that Liam ‘needs to see a psychiatrist‘, before he hit back claiming that he has text message proof of him being asked and turning down the opportunity to perform at the ‘One Love Manchester’ concert.

‘Who Built The Moon?’ will be released on November 24, before Noel Gallagher heads out on a huge UK arena tour next year.