Here’s who Noel Gallagher thinks should play him in a movie

From one legend to another

Noel Gallagher has revealed who he thinks should play him in a movie.

Speaking to FACT Magazine, the former Oasis guitarist played a game of “confessions” which saw him answer a number of quick fire questions such as his drug of choice and advice for his younger self.

When asked who he thought should have the honour of portraying him on-screen, Gallagher responded without hesitation.


Morgan Freeman. I mean, come on. ‘Cos he’s Morgan Freeman.”

Watch the video below:

Elsewhere in the interview, Gallagher called streaming the ‘worst thing about the music industry’.

“Music is not for rent. My talent is not for rent. Not for hire. It’s for sale,” he explained.

“I think young music fans, if they don’t own it, how can they feel some kind of attachment to it. If it’s just on a list of another 3 million tunes, it just becomes product.”


However, he did address the streaming chiefs directly: “Now, if you’re watching, big wig from Spotify, don’t hold that against me. I play the game, you play the game, I play the game, that’s how it works.”


Gallagher recently explained to Radio X why he invited a scissors player to join him for a performance on Jools Holland, a move that confused many fans.

When the scissor musician, Charlotte Marionneau, first pulled out the scissors, Gallagher told bass player Russell Pritchard: “‘Do you know what that sound is? That’s the sound of [brother] Liam glassing himself’. We laughed.”

“On the night it was on the TV, somebody quipped: ‘It’s almost like she’s snipping away at the last ribbons of Liam’s sanity!’ We laughed all the way home.”

In the same interview, Gallagher shared an anecdote of the time he met Matthew McConaughey and addressed claims he sounds like Ricky Martin.

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