Watch Noel Gallagher recall how meeting Jerry Seinfeld was like a scene from ‘Seinfeld’

"Fucking hell, what a dude," Noel says

Noel Gallagher has discussed the time he met Jerry Seinfeld. Watch him talk about it in the clip below.

The former Oasis guitarist recalled meeting the comedian and Seinfeld star to Rolling Stone at a Los Angeles listening party for his new album last month, revealing that his wife had arranged the encounter as a surprise for his birthday.

“I fucking hate surprises,” Noel explained. “I can’t handle it. I go insane if I don’t know what the fuck’s going on.”


Seinfeld fan Gallagher continued to describe how his wife, Sara MacDonald, surprised him by taking him to one of the star’s stand-up shows in New York. “I’ve never seen him [perform],” Noel said. “The funniest thing ever, one of the greatest nights. I’m crying laughing. It’s unbelievable.”

Noel then got to meet Seinfeld backstage – however, it turned out that the comedian’s wife had forgotten to inform him of the plan. “His wife went, ‘Jerry, this is the guy from London. It’s his birthday! I told you!’ Jerry’s going, ‘I don’t think you did.’ She goes, ‘Jerry, I told you – it’s his birthday!’ He was going, ‘No, you didn’t tell me.’ I said to Sara, ‘We’re in a scene from Seinfeld. It’s fucking unbelievable.'”

Gallagher said that Seinfeld proceeded to spend 45 minutes “pretending to know” who he was, but that he “didn’t fucking care” either way. “Fucking hell, what a dude,” Noel added.

Meanwhile, Noel Gallagher released his new High Flying Birds album ‘Who Built the Moon?’ last week (November 24). Read the NME review here.