Noel Gallagher responds to fans on a ‘secret’ Twitter account

He talks lookalikes, scissor players and more

Noel Gallagher has responded to a handful of fans’ questions and queries on a new, ‘secret’ Twitter account.

The former Oasis man took part in a GQ interview series called ‘Actually Me’, in which usually social media shy artists set up new, secret accounts on Twitter, Reddit, Youtube and Instagram to reply to their fans directly.

As part of the interview, Noel set up a Twitter account under the username @ActuallyNoelG, responding to fans’ questions on his infamous scissors player, his plans for upcoming tour dates, and lookalikes in his band.


One tweet from @feebrob read: “Both Liam Gallagher and Noel Gallagher’s bands always have at least two fellas who look like Noel Gallagher. Is this a contractual thing?” Noel responded: “I’m afraid to say that it is. But you know, at least we don’t have two girls who look like Noel, because that—nobody wants to see that.”

In response to a tweet about whether his scissor player gets her own soundcheck, Noel replied: “She is the scissor queen, she can do anything. She does not get a sound check because we have yet to do an actual gig. She doesn’t have a scissor tech, either, because scissor techs don’t exist. But no doubt she’ll want one. And if she wants one, she can have one, because she’s amazing.”

Noel also pointed towards next year’s world tour, and the potential of him and his band performing older material on tour:


Watch Noel Gallagher’s full ‘Actually Me’ interview below.

Earlier this year, Noel Gallagher’s brother Liam claimed that his erratic Twitter use could ‘kill’ his career.

The former Oasis frontman – known for his Twitter outbursts that include repeated digs at Noel – was speaking in an interview with The Telegraph when he described his own tweets as “amazing”.

But he added: “I could kill my career every fucking weekend when I get on that Twitter or talk in interviews. But it is what it is. People want a bit of fucking honesty. Everyone’s sick of fucking politician fucking rock’n’roll stars who are saying one thing one minute and not saying it the next.”

“My worst habit is talking,” he said later. “I talk a lot. I like the sound of me own voice.”

Asked why he goes on Twitter rants, Gallagher said: “I’ve still got the hump, mate,” adding: “I certainly don’t want to settle down and become like some fucking people who think they’ve got their shit all sorted. There’s a lot of graft to do. You just don’t want to turn into a lot of these other people who are out there, i.e. our kid [Noel], who just seem very smug in their fucking little lives.”