Noel Gallagher responds to Liam’s potato-peeling fan

What can Noel have on stage in retaliation?

Noel Gallagher has responded to his brother Liam recently having a fan peel a potato at a show – comparing his former Oasis bandmate to ‘a cowardly lion’.

The to and fro began when the world was introduced to a member of Noel’s band playing the scissors during a performance on ‘Later… With Jools Holland’. Liam then appeared to mock Noel when he had someone peeling a potato at one of his own gigs. He then thanked the rogue fan when he Tweeted “you my friend are truly out there – psychedelic even. As you were, King Parka Monkey”.

This weekend saw Noel asked how he planned to up the ante with on stage antics during a radio interview in South America – using the opportunity to take another dig at his brother.

“Let me think, I’ll come up with something,” replied Noel. “Maybe a live animal? Maybe in honour of my brother, I get a cowardly lion? You know, from the Wizard Of Oz? The lion who’s a coward maybe. On roller skates.”

Explaining his decision behind his new scissor-player, Noel recently said: “She’s French and she’s eccentric to say the least. I said to her, ‘can you play the tambourine?’, She said, ‘I cannot play the tambourine.’ I said, ‘Oh right. Shaker?’ ‘Non. I can play the scissors.’ She brought them in and I was looking at my bass player going, if that’s not the greatest thing you’ve ever seen then tell me what is. A French bird in a cape playing the scissors? It doesn’t get any better than that does it?”

“If you were from Peckham, you would be obliged to intellectualise it,” he added. “You would be at the mercy of intellectualising it.”

Noel continued: “Look, I know what I’m doing. I’m not about to get on stage and play an arena with a bird in a cape playing the scissors, unless it’s great. I’m not a fucking idiot.”

Meanwhile, Noel also hit out at Liam’s solo material for “sounding like Adele singing into a bucket”, as well as calling out his “army of songwriters”.

Noel Gallagher releases new album ‘Who Built The Moon?’ on November 24.