Noel Gallagher is responsible for Jet member’s new band

Oasis man suggested a 'ridiculous' band name

Noel Gallagher helped name Jet member Chris Cester’s new band, it has been revealed.

Drummer in the Australian band, Cester formed side-project Damndogs following Jet’s hiatus. Speaking to Australia’s The Music recently, he described how the LA-based group morphed into his current band, Mystic Knights Of Amnesia.

“When Mark [Wilson] left the band, Louis and I decided to keep going but we renamed it because the music had changed a lot as well,” Cester said.


“I [texted] Noel Gallagher at one point and asked him if he could give us a new band name. And he said ‘Mystic Knights Of Amnesia’, which we both thought was ridiculous.”

“But then we were like, ‘Actually, it’s so ridiculous it could be awesome!’ And it suits the music, too, which is just really off the wall.”

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“Our first song… is gonna probably be around nine minutes long, but not a boring nine minutes…. Nobody’s gonna be playing a nine-minute song [but] I gave up on the radio a long time ago. I think you’ve gotta sort of just play your own game, you know?”

Jet split in 2012 but recently revealed that they will reunite to support Bruce Springsteen on tour in 2017. They will also play their first headline show in six years at Sydney’s Taronga Zoo in February 2017.

Meanwhile, Noel Gallagher recently told NME that he was “halfway” into work on the record and hopes to release it next year.