Noel Gallagher says he’d choose Bono to help him get rid of a dead body

An unlikely scenario

Noel Gallagher has said that Bono would be his partner in crime if he ever needed to dispose of a body.

The Oasis star gave the bizarre endorsement of their friendship in an interview on Absolute Radio, when he was asked who he would call if he had a dead body in the back of his car.

After initially claiming that Modfather Paul Weller might be an effective accomplice, he realised that the U2 frontman would come in handy for an entirely different reason.


“Paul Weller. Actually… Bono because we could dispose of the body somewhere in Africa and nobody would know,” he said.

His chat with Breakfast show host Dave Berry also saw him revealing how he handled a tricky request from Coleen Rooney to mark Wayne’s 21st birthday.

With Wayne being a Manchester United player at the time, and a Liverpool native, Noel didn’t take too kindly to being asked to sign a guitar for him.

“I got this rambling letter from Coleen Rooney saying, it’s Wayne’s 21st. He’s a huge fan. It’d be great if you could sign it for him. And I was like…. cheeky, what?,” Noel said.

“So, I took all the parts off it. Got my mate who is a decorator to dip it in sky blue emulsion paint. Wait for it to dry, put all the parts back on it. Graffitied it with quite questionable Man City songs and sent it back to him with letter saying, ‘Happy birthday, Spongebob. Next time you want ‘owt signing send us your Bentley.’


“And that was that. I think he’s still got it.”

The interview also saw Noel discussing new single ‘Black Star Rising’, his first track taken from a forthcoming EP of the same name.

It’s the first of three EPs he is planning for 2019.