Noel Gallagher says Liam’s Twitter account is the reason why Oasis will never reunite

"It's strange behaviour for someone who is gagging for me to pick up the phone and say let's do it."

Noel Gallagher has said that an Oasis reunion is looking as unlikely as ever, as a result of Liam‘s frequent outbursts on Twitter.

The Britpop icons have been embroiled in a furious war of words since Oasis split up in 2009, only hours before they were due to play a Parisian festival.

But Noel now says that every tweet posted by Liam is a “nail in the coffin” for the hopes of fans who still believe that they could join forces once more.


He added that he would have to put his entire life on hold for the tour and vowed that he would not get on stage with his “moron” brother.

Noel told The Big Issue: “It’s strange behaviour for someone who is gagging for me to pick up the phone and say let’s do it.

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds have announced a huge London gig at Kenwood House for 2020
Noel Gallagher

“He’d put his whole life on hold to get Oasis back together.But every tweet he sends out, it’s another nail in the coffin of that idea.”

Addressing Liam , he added: “If you think for one minute I am going to share a stage with you after what you’ve said you are fucking more of a moron than you look.”

Despite Liam outstripping Noel for album sales and gig tickets, he warned his brother to “ride it until the wheels come off”.


The latest insult in their feud comes after Noel conceded that he’d rather have Boris Johnson than Liam for a brother.

“I would say Boris is more entertaining,” Noel said. “His use of the English language is more superior.”

Last month, Liam offered up a potential peace offering after admitting that he will invite his estranged brother to his upcoming wedding.

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