Noel Gallagher says US audiences were like “unimpressed sheep” in Oasis days

"It certainly prepared me"

Noel Gallagher has compared US audiences to “unimpressed sheep” while recalling his time in Oasis.

The musician was reminiscing about the period when his band were recording 1995’s ‘(What’s The Story) Morning Glory‘, at Wales’ Rockfield Studios, when he likened the sheep at the rural location to the indifferent crowds the band played to in the US.

“I remember looking out at this row of sheep,” Gallagher told The Times, “and they were staring blankly at me while I was singing, and they didn’t look very impressed. It certainly prepared me for audiences in America.”


Elsewhere in the interview the ex-Oasis guitarist/chief songwriter, who now heads up Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, said he was angry at his brother Liam for messing around too much while recording at Rockfield.

Liam Gallagher and Noel Gallagher
Liam and Noel Gallagher. Credit: Getty

Noel recalled a time when Liam brought a crowd of people back from a local pub. “I was in that studio to work, not to fuck about,” he said. “Drinking can wait. You’re trying to follow up ‘Definitely Maybe’, you’ve just written ‘Champagne Supernova’ and ‘Wonderwall’, and you can feel it, you know it’s your time, this is important.

“Then Liam brought back a load of fucking idiots from the pub and they’re wandering around, fiddling with guitars and listening to songs nobody had heard yet. I said to Liam, ‘Get these idiots out of here.’ Of course he wouldn’t, so chaos ensued.”

In other news, Noel recently labelled former Oasis guitarist Bonehead as “the most appalling singer I’ve ever heard in my entire life”


Appearing on Matt Morgan’s Funny How? podcast, the High Flying Birds musician spoke of how Bonehead – real name Paul Arthurs – had been intended to provide lead vocals for a couple of the band’s early tracks. Referring to how The Beatles would set aside “one [song] for Ringo”, Gallagher said: “We were always going to have one for Bonehead.

“We tried to do it on both albums and it turned out shit, which I know is kind of the point right, but it was like really shit. I kid you fucking not, [he was] maybe the most appalling singer I’ve ever heard in my entire life. Appalling. No sense of anything.”