Noel Gallagher shares hilarious responses to fan letters from a school kid

Classic Noel.

Noel Gallagher has used his Instagram to respond to some special requests from a younger fan.

The fan, Sam Fisher, asked if Noel could come into his school to talk about his “life, fame and fortune”. He also requested that the Oasis icon talk about “when you used to take drugs and how you turned it around”.

After Noel declined, Fisher wrote another letter asking him for a backstage class at the musician’s Birmingham gig next year. Noel agreed to his second request, but pointed out that this doesn’t constitute “an open invitation to every other fucker on the planet”.

Check out Noel’s responses to Sam Fisher’s fan letters below.

Meanwhile, Noel has recently criticised Beach Boys legend Brian Wilson, calling him one of the most “overrated” figures in music.

He also slammed Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn during the same interview, saying: “Fuck Jeremy Corbyn. He’s a Communist.”

The former Oasis guitarist released his new High Flying Birds album ‘Who Built the Moon?’ last week (November 24). Read the NME review here.

NME‘s Mark Beaumont writes of Gallagher’s new LP: “It’s Noel’s freewheeling solo freedom and return-to-mega-form song-writing that makes this amongst the albums of the year. Noel shoots for ‘…The Moon’, and strikes bullseye.”