Noel Gallagher shares story about Russell Brand getting locked in his pantry

'Russell was pretending it was a time tunnel'

Russell Brand returned to the radio this weekend, where he invited friend and frequent guest Noel Gallagher on to the show – and shared a story about the time he got locked in his pantry.

Brand returned to his former station of Radio X this weekend – his first broadcast in eight years since resigning from the BBC over the ‘Sachsgate’ prank sex call scandal. As part of his Saturday show, he took a call from Noel Gallagher who shared a ‘preposterous’ story about the actor and comedian getting trapped in his pantry with his girlfriend and the family dog.

“He got locked in a pantry, his missus was saying to me,” said Gallagher, “and I said ‘so what did you do for the two hours it was before you got out?.  And she said ‘well Russell was pretending it was a time tunnel’.”


Gallagher added: “And I’m like, what, really?  Good god.”

He's BACK!

Posted by Radio X on Sunday, April 2, 2017

Brand went on to say that he refused to tell the story because it was more of a ‘cupboard’, adding: “It’s cos there’s words like ‘pantry’ in the story, I thought don’t tell it, because I am very much a man who believes in equality.”

Brand continued: “But the problem was I went in the … me and my girlfriend was in what you could call a cupboard if you were trying to.

“What happened was, yeah, I was briefly locked in a pantry.  Like, me and my girlfriend and dog went in this pantry and I think it was her that said, ‘wow if the door was closed it would be like we were, like in a time … like in a time capsule.’  And I goes, ‘that’s absolutely brilliant, let’s close the door’.  The door closed and it couldn’t be opened from the inside.”

The story goes on to reveal more of Brand’s predicament, and how Gallagher’s dog and child got involved. Check out the full interview on Radio X here.


Noel Gallagher recently teamed up with former rival Damon Albarn for the new Gorillaz track ‘We Got The Power‘. This summer will see him appear at their ‘Demon Dayz’ Festival, as well as supporting U2 on their Joshua Tree anniversary tour.

He also unveiled his own design of Adidas trainers with his face on.