Noel Gallagher wants to start petition to break Foo Fighters up

He's responded to Dave Grohl's plea for Oasis to reunite

Noel Gallagher has said he wants to start a petition to break Foo Fighters up.

It follows Dave Grohl and co’s headline performance at Reading Festival last weekend, at which the frontman and Foos drummer Taylor Hawkins told the crowd they wanted to start a petition to get Oasis to reunite.

Addressing the crowd at a gig in San Diego, California, Noel referenced the stunt from the Foos, who adorned their bass drum with photos of Noel and brother Liam‘s faces at Reading, before stating his latest intentions.

“I’d like to start a petition to get Foo Fighters to split up,” he said. See the footage below.

Noel wants to start a petition to split the Foo Fighters from r/oasis

At their Reading show, Foo Fighters stated their desire to get Noel and Liam’s band back together onstage. “We’re trying,” Grohl told the crowd.

“We’re trying. Let’s sign a petition. Everyone here, okay?” Hawkins added, before Grohl asked the audience: “How many people wanna see Oasis f**king play a show?”

Oasis are today celebrating the 25th anniversary of debut album ‘Definitely Maybe’, and tomorrow (August 30) they’re set to release a limited edition reissue vinyl.

Other celebrations for the album include a new lyric video for ‘Fade Away’, while a new podcast has also been launched to celebrate the anniversary.

Liam, meanwhile, has been reflecting on the 10th anniversary of Oasis’ split in a new interview.