Noel Gallagher teases arrival of new music this week

He's teased the arrival of new material this Thursday

Noel Gallagher has teased that new music is set to arrive later this week.

Posting on social media, he simply shared a graphic with the date 29.04.21, which is tomorrow, contrasted against a coloured background.

While Noel shared no details, it’s thought that new music could be in the offing after he recently admitted to hitting a “purple patch” in his songwriting.


Speaking on Matt Morgan’s podcast, he said: “I’ve been in the studio on a bit of a roll. Bit of a run, bit of a purple patch, some mega tunes, really fucking great.

“I’m doing the songs for a new album. I’ve been in the studio every day. If I didn’t have that, I don’t know where I’d be at now. If I wasn’t going in there every day. Actually, some fucking great stuff has come out of it.”

Early indications suggest that it could continue to build on the psychedelia influences of his last record, with Noel admitting that he has been experimenting with “electro shimmer pop”.

“It’s not electro at all really. It’s just because their demos, when you hear the finished thing it will be unrecognisable to that but it will still have the same vibe,” he said.


It was also recently revealed that Gallagher has recorded a new track with Shaun Ryder.

In a new interview with NME, Ryder’s Happy Mondays bandmate Bez revealed: “There’s a track that he and Noel Gallagher have done together that’s going to be big.

“It’s going to be Number One. It’s two Manchester legends singing together and it sounds amazing.”

Gallagher also previously revealed that one new song  sounds “very much like The Cure”, and voiced his desire for The Stone Roses’ John Squire to play on his next record.

He shared the previously unreleased demo ‘We’re Gonna Get There In The End‘ back in December, following on from his trilogy of EPs – ‘Black Star Dancing’, ‘This Is The Place’and ‘Blue Moon Rising‘.

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