Noel Gallagher teases new music coming tomorrow

"Your kids are going to fucking love it"

Noel Gallagher has teased new music, revealing something fresh will arrive tomorrow morning (October 9).

The Manchester musician is due to release his third album with the High Flying Birds this winter. The record is titled ‘Who Built The Moon?‘ and will be released on November 24.

In a video posted to Gallagher’s Twitter, he said: “And I know your kids love it [pointing to someone off-camera], my kids love it, your kids are going to fucking love it [pointing to the camera]… let’s just hope the kids love it.”


The post was captioned: “‘Prepare to be dazzled…’ (NG) New music tomorrow morning!”

Recently, Gallagher revealed that Kanye West inspired him while making the new album. Speaking at a recent playback of the record about how ‘Fade’ inspired his new song and the album’s opening track ‘Fort Knox’, he said “I just realised it was too fucking good, so I kept it”, reports ET Canada.

The album also features guest performances from Johnny Marr and Paul Weller, and has been described as an “exhilarating” collection of  “placid instrumentals, hypnotic, eastern-influenced grooves, gutsy balcony-shakers and widescreen, cinematic walls of sound”.

Earlier today, Liam Gallagher hit back at comments Noel made about him in a new interview. The elder Gallagher had suggested his brother “needs to see a psychiatrist”, to which Liam responded on Twitter.


He wrote: “And as for seeing somebody I bet you and the mrs have got a few on the go you pair of chameleons as you were Twitch blink LG x”.