Noel Gallagher teased Oasis fans over a possible reunion

Comments came during Noel's appearance on 'The One Show'

Noel Gallagher appeared on BBC’s The One Show this evening (December 14) and was asked about a potential Oasis reunion. “I would be thrilled to do it,” he said – but sadly was only joking.

Appearing on the tea-time show, Noel was quizzed by hosts Matt Baker and Angela Scanlon about whether he would reunite the Britpop band if they were to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2019.

“I’d do it,” he answered coyly, before adding: “I guess you’d have to [reunite] to accept it. That’s if you accept it.”


Asked whether he was being serious, Noel then said: “I’m gonna say no,” before teasing fans some more by saying: “We can say yes. Shall we say yes?”

After some more pressure from the hosts about possibly reuniting Oasis, Noel joked: “Absolutely. I would be thrilled to do it.”

Despite brother Liam being keen on an Oasis reunion, Noel has previously said that reuniting the group would “kill me as a person”.

Noel recently responded to speculation that Oasis could be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame by saying that he deserves to be inducted on his own.

He said: “I’ve already been approached by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame… The fuckin’ fella from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame came to me and said, ‘Do you know in two years you’ll be eligible for the Hall of Fame?’ I said, ‘Is that right?’ He said, ‘Yes.'”


Noel added: “And he started going on, and I said, ‘Let me fucking stop you there. I know what it is. I know what it entails, and it won’t be fucking happening, OK?'”

“He invited me down to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame itself and showed me all these exhibits of Oasis stuff. It’s a great place and all that, but I won’t be doing it, I don’t think.”

Asked whether Oasis deserve to be inducted, Noel answered: “I certainly think I do… There could be a little miniature of me somewhere – a tiny little thing with a wobbly head.”

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