Noel Gallagher reveals which artist he wants to take on tour to support him – and it might surprise you


Noel Gallagher has spoken out in praise of viral grime sensation Big Shaq – revealing that he’d love to take him on the road.

The former Oasis turned solo star, who this week released new album ‘Who Built The Moon?‘,  said that his children introduced him to Shaq – real name comedian Michael Dappah, the man behind the viral hit ‘Man’s Not Hot‘.

“I came back from New York the other day and I was in the kitchen with my two lads who, as you know, are ten and seven,” Gallagher told Radio X. “I told one of them to take his hoodie off while he’s having his lunch. He said – and I’d never heard it before – he said, ‘Mans not hot’.


“I was like, what? And he went, ‘Mans not hot’. And I went, ‘Who’s not hot?’. And he went ‘Man’.”

Gallagher continued: “He was going on about Big Shaq. I’d never heard of this Big Shaq before, until three days ago. Man it’s the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. I was watching this Big Shaq feller and I was thinking it can’t be real. It turns out he’s comedian called Michael Dappah. And he’s a genius. He’s the funniest thing I’ve ever seen on the internet.”

Asked if he’d consider inviting Shaq on tour, Gallager replied: “Oh, I’d love to. If you’re listening Michael, get in touch we’ll do some gigs, it’ll be amazing!”

This comes after brother Liam also revealed that he wanted to bring a spot of grime to his live shows – adding that he’d love for Skepta to support him at his massive Finsbury Park show.


Meanwhile, one person who you can see on tour with Noel is his scissor player – who he recently said was “snipping away at the last ribbons” of brother Liam’s sanity.

“I went ‘Do you know what that sound is? That’s the sound of Liam glassing himself’,” said Noel. We laughed.”

“Then on the night it was on the TV, somebody quipped: ‘It’s almost like she’s snipping away at the last ribbons of Liam’s sanity!’ We laughed all the way home.”

“I adore that girl, she’s amazing,” he added of Marionneau. “She means it, this is not a joke.”