Noel Gallagher ‘wants to put Liam and Donald Trump in driverless cars so they crash into each other’

"Twitter is the playground of fucking idiots"

Noel Gallagher has declared that Twitter is “the playground of fucking idiots” – wishing a violent end upon President Donald Trump and brother Liam for using it.

The former Oasis turned solo star was taking part in the Pitchfork video series, ‘Over/Under’ – in which artists discuss whether certain things are over or underrated. While squared up against doughnuts, book and moustaches (as well as his opinions on the divisive Kanye West and Ed Sheeran), Noel also laid into social media.

“Twitter is the playground of fucking idiots,” said Gallagher. “I would love to find out the percentage of single males with Twitter accounts – I would fucking hazard a guess, it’s quite high.”

When it was put to him that Donald Trump is an avid Twitter user, Gallagher replied “and so is my fucking brother, and quite literally I’d put the pair of them in a driverless car each so they crash into each other.”

This echoes comments made by Gallagher about Liam’s social media habits earlier this year, when he said: “I’ll be in a boozer and someone will say, ‘fucking hell, our kid’s gone all like Donald Trump’. But y’know, I’m trying to soar like an eagle an eagle and I’m being asked to comment on the ramblings of a common pigeon.”

Noel made headlines earlier this week when he claimed that his scissor player was “snipping away at the last ribbons” of brother Liam’s sanity.

“I went ‘Do you know what that sound is? That’s the sound of Liam glassing himself’,” said Noel. “We laughed. Then on the night it was on the TV, somebody quipped: ‘It’s almost like she’s snipping away at the last ribbons of Liam’s sanity!’ We laughed all the way home.

“I adore that girl, she’s amazing,” he added of Marionneau. “She means it, this is not a joke.”

Noel’s new album ‘Who Built The Moon‘ is out now.