NOFX play Occupy LA ‘eviction’ party

As of today however, the protest camp is still in place

NOFX played a special show at the Occupy LA ‘eviction’ party yesterday (November 27) in Downtown Los Angeles.

Fat Mike and Eric Melvin of NOFX were joined by John Carey of Old Man Markley for the show outside City Hall, which was to kick off a ‘block party’ to celebrate what was supposed to be the final day of the encampment, which has stayed in place for seven weeks.

The band performed a new song which they had written especially for the Occupy movement, entitled ‘Wouldn’t It Be Nice If Every Movement Had A Theme Song’, reports LA Weekly. They also played the song at their performance at Occupy San Francisco.

NOFX’s half hour long afternoon set included ‘Franco-UnaAmerican’, ‘Leaving Jesusland’, ‘Murder the Government’ and a shortened version of ‘The Decline’. According to LA Weekly, throughout the show “the environment remained calm and peaceful”.

Though police said protestors had to leave the site by midnight yesterday, at the time of writing, the Occupy LA camp is still in place. Four arrests took place in a standoff between protestors and police officers in the early hours of this morning.