NOFX’s Fat Mike rents out house ‘for adults that live like teenagers’

The frontman is looking for a new tenant...

NOFX frontman Fat Mike has put his Las Vegas house up for holiday rental for party-loving potential tenants.

The three-bedroom property, located four miles from the Vegas strip, features a swimming pool, hot tub, water slide, putting green, game room and a sunken bar. It’s billed as a “Vegas Punk House“.

“This isn’t the house that I live and sleep in; it’s the house that I visit and don’t sleep in,” he explained on “It’s my house that’s for adults that live like teenagers.”

He added: “The walls are covered in thousands of old school flyers that I’ve collected over the years. Have a really good/hedonistic time! The first case of PBR [beer] is on me.”

Also featured within the home is Mike‘s own “Paltry Museum“.

He explained: “It’s a small collection of punk memorabilia and strange punk relics. It’s paltry because there isn’t much to it. We are still accepting weird donations of interesting punk objects!”

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