The groups want to stop the American President from winning the 2004 election...

A coalition of US punk bands have formed a new coalition aiming to stop GEORGE W BUSH from winning the the next presidential election.

The Punk Voter Coalition, which incorporates bands such as NOFX and Anti-Flag, aims to stem youth voter apathy following Bush’s victory in 2000, when he beat Democrat Al Gore by 537 votes in Florida.

According to the BBC, NOFX bassist Fat Mike said: “I’ve sold 50,000 records in Florida. If 500 fans had voted it could have been a different election.”

The website [url=]punkvoter.com claims: “Punk bands, musicians and record labels have built a coalition to educate, register and mobilise progressive voters. Something needs to be done to unite the youth vote and bring real activism back into our society. Punk rock had always been on the edge and in the forefront of politics. It is time to energise the majority of today’s disenfranchised youth movement and punk rockers to make change a reality.”

Commenting on the coalition’s major grievance, the so-called war on terror, Anti-Flag frontman Justin Sane said: “If you don’t find yourself in the voting booth you may find yourself in combat boots in the desert.”

Meanwhile, the site features commentaries from punk luminaries such as former Dead Kennedys singer Jello Biafra, and Fat Mike plans to release a Punk Voter compilation album and stage a college tour.