The Deconstruction Festival to visit Manchester and London...

NOFX, THE MIGHTY MIGHTY BOSSTONES and GOOD RIDDANCE are amongst the bands scheduled to play the ‘DECONSTRUCTION FESTIVAL’, a two date mini-festival of punk and hardcore.

The event takes place on June 2 at the Manchester Apollo and June 3 at the 15,000 capacity Stratford Three Mills Island in London. As well as live bands, the event will also feature BMX bike riding and skateboarding, as well as a computer games room featuring Sony Playstation and Sega Dreamcast.

Promoters promise a ‘very special guest’ will be announced one week before the event takes place.


A spokesperson for the festival told “The event was originally NOFX‘s idea, and because they hate press, they just wanted to do something for the kids. They don’t like to do big corporate concerts, and this is cheap alternative where all the bands are mates and the atmosphere is relaxed.”

Tickets for Deconstruction are #13.50, and are available by sending a SAE and cheque payable to ‘Straight’, at 2 Munro Terrace, London, SW10 0DL.

Headliners NOFX release a new album ‘Pump Up The Valium’ on June 13 through Epitaph Records. Two tracks from the forthcoming album, ‘Clams Have Feelings Too (Actually They Don’t)’ and ‘Take Two Placebos And Call Me Lame’ will be available to download as MP3 from the Epitaph Records website [url=] between now and May 21.

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