Watch a fan crowd surf at a NOFX gig in his wheelchair

It wasn't his first time, either

A NOFX fan was captured on video crowd surfing in his wheelchair at the band’s gig in Vancouver last weekend.

The LA punk rock outfit, who first formed in 1983, were playing at the Commodore Ballroom in the Canadian city on Saturday (November 5) when fan Kevin Brooks decided to crowd surf.

Captured on video by his friend Sean Peeson, Brooks is seen slowly being passed along by the crowd as he triumphantly salutes the band, who look impressed by his antics. Peeson noted in the video’s accompanying description that this wasn’t the first time that Brooks had gone crowd surfing in his wheelchair – “and I really hope it won’t be the last!” (via Radio X)

Watch footage of the moment, via Sean Peeson, below.

Guy in Wheelchair Does Epic Crowd Surf at NOFX Concert

I noticed security at the front getting aggressive with the crowd so I started filming them. All their faces changed to “OH FUCK”, so I turend around to see what was going on and there was my bud Kevin crowd surfing to the front.

Back in 2014, NOFX frontman Fat Mike punched and kicked a stage invader during a gig in Sydney. Both sides later apologised for their actions on social media, with Fat Mike promising to buy the fan a beer.