Noodle from Gorillaz loves Queen but hates Muse

Shots fired.

An interview with Noodle from Gorillaz has revealed that the cartoon guitarist loves Queen but hates listening to Muse.

Noodle was in conversation with Clash about ‘the records that changed her life’, when she opened up about her love of the likes of The Who, Silver Apples, Talking Heads, Biggie Smalls, Domenique Dumont and more.

When asked about which record ‘fills her with fury’ every time she hears it, Noodle replied: “Anything insincere and badly played. Or by Muse.”

As for the record she wants played at her funeral, Noodle opted for Muse’s operatic rock predecessors.

“Either ‘Who Wants To Live Forever’ by Queen, or Mozart’s ‘Requiem Mass in D Minor’,” she said. “Can I have both? I like the duality of joy and sadness that defines us as humans, first in life and then in the memories we leave behind for others.

“There was actually a memorial service for me when everyone thought I was dead after the ‘El Manana’ video. Murdoc performed Ozzy Osborne’s ‘See You On The Other Side’ in nothing but a pair of leather wings and full skull makeup. I’m honestly glad I missed it.”

Speaking about comments from 2D following his recent incarceration, Gorillaz’ bassist Murdoc told NME from prison: “Look mate. Everyone knows that if it wasn’t for me, Stuart would still be working in Uncle Norm’s Organ Emporium. Yeah, Stuart. That’s his real name. I created 2D. I was kind enough to hit him with my car – twice – and the rest is rock-n-roll history. I gave him fame, sex-appeal, a weekly stipend (well above minimum wage). And he repays me by trying to write an album on his own.

“It’s just sad. Look up 2D in the dictionary and right after ‘two-dimensional’ it says ‘ungrateful wanker’.”

Currently on tour in support of their acclaimed new album ‘The Now Now‘, Gorillaz will headline Boomtown Festival this weekend. Visit here for tickets and more information.