Norwich band asked to headline festival after Lykke Li pulls out last minute

Sink Ya Teeth had already performed to 2,000 people at Pohada Festival before they were asked to play again on the main stage

A band from Norwich were asked to headline a festival last week (July 11) after Lykke Li pulled out at the last minute.

Sink Ya Teeth had been booked to perform on the Europa Stage at Slovakia’s Pohoda Festival, where they played to around 2,000 people.

After Li withdrew from the line-up at short notice, the festival’s organisers asked the duo to perform again – as headliners on the main stage.


Speaking to the BBC, the band’s Gemma Cullingford explained: “We met the promoter of the festival, Michael Kascak, after having played our set in a large marquee in the afternoon, which had gone down well to an audience of about 2,000 people. Michael thanked us for playing and said he’d enjoyed the set.

“Maria [Uzor, Sink Ya Teeth co-founder] and I then went to enjoy the rest of the evening… when all of a sudden Michael found us and asked if we could play in place of Lykke Li as she’d had to cancel due to travel disruptions.”

The request came just 40 minutes before the band would have to soundcheck for the set, which would see them play to approximately 30,000 people.

“I couldn’t stop laughing,” Cullingford said. “We were aware that we were pretty unknown there so didn’t know if people would stick around to watch, but it became apparent there were people there that had seen us earlier that afternoon that enjoyed it, and we played to a full and appreciative crowd.”


Lykke Li did make it to Madrid’s Mad Cool Festival this weekend, where she spoke to NME about her plans for “going out in style”.

“I think I’m realising that I’m not a spring chicken anymore, and there are way younger, hungrier people around,” she said. “I’m probably at the tail-end of my career so I really want to go out in style and do something that’s exactly what I want to do – which is music from the heart, and not care about anything else.”