P Diddy: ‘Notorious BIG really had oral sex on ‘Ready To Die”

Rapper comes clean about the 'Notorious' rumour

P Diddy has confirmed that Notorious BIG was genuinely receiving oral sex on a skit featured on his 1994 debut album ‘Ready To Die’.

For years fans had debated whether the audio at the end of ‘Respect’ (featuring Notorious BIG allegedly being pleasured) was genuine or not.

In a video interview with The Huffington Post, P Diddy, who produced ‘Ready To Die’, confirmed that the skit was authentic.


The video saw Diddy asked whether Notorious BIG is “Actually getting some head?” Initially, the rapper was taken by surprise, prompting him to laugh before replying, “Yeah.”

He added: “These are questions that nobody’s ever asked, and I think BIG would be alright with it.”

Diddy then went on to say that he and Notorious BIG were at a stage where they were indulging in “decadent” studio sessions. “That’s [the ‘Respect’ skit] a joint that I just wanted to make authentic,” he said. “So I had a friend of mine who, you know, made sure my friend [Notorious BIG] was ‘alright’. And they became friends!

“It was just some young, reckless rock star type stuff. It was almost like Motley Crue – they probably had people round like that!”