Los Angeles police apologise to Notorious BIG’s family over released autopsy report

LAPD say sorry for not informing the late rapper's family before the planned release

Los Angeles police have apologised to the family of rapper Notorious BIG, after releasing his autopsy report without informing them.

The rapper, real name Christopher Wallace, was murdered in a drive by shooting in Los Angeles on March 9, 1997. He was shot four times whilst sat in the passenger seat of a Chevy Suburban on Wilshire Blvd.

In a statement released on Saturday (December 8), detectives blamed an “administrative error” for the autopsy report being released prior to them notifying the late rapper’s family.


Captain Billy Hayes, who heads up the Robbery-Homicide Division investigating the killing, said in the statement: “Our detectives personally spoke with the Wallace family on Friday night, and apologized for not notifying them prior to the release. Obviously this has been a challenging case for us to solve. We hope that witnesses or other people with information will come forward and give us the clues we need to solve this case.”

According to the report, obtained by TMZ, the first three of four shots were not fatal. It says that the fatal bullet was gunshot number four, “which entered Wallace’s body through his right hip and ripped its way through several vital organs … before coming to rest in his left shoulder area.” The bullet went through his colon, liver, heart and left lung.

The first gunshot hit Biggie in the left forearm, whilst the second struck him in the back and missed all vital organs and the third entered and exited through his left thigh. All of the gunshots went through the car door before hitting Wallace. The coroner also wrote that Wallace was “morbidly obese”.

Last year detectives in Los Angeles re-opened his murder investigation. According to CNN the murder case, which has never been solved, was “reinvigorated” by the release of new information.

In the years since Wallace’s death, there has been intense speculation that the murder was an act of revenge for the death of Tupac Shakur, who was killed six months earlier in Las Vegas. His murder case has also never been solved.

Wallace was born on May 21, 1972 and grew up in Brooklyn. He released his debut album ‘Ready To Die’ in 1994 after coming to the attention of Sean Combs, aka P Diddy, and married singer Faith Evans in 1995.