Lil’ Kim: ‘Notorious B.I.G.’s ghost unhappy about film’

Rapper says the late Christopher Wallace isn't a 'Notorious' fan

Lil’ Kim has claimed that the ghost of the late Notorious BIG, real name Christopher Wallace, is unhappy about his portrayal in the recent biopic ‘Notorious’.

The rapper had said that Wallace had appeared to her in her dreams to let his feelings known about the film, which stars Jamal Woollard in the title role.

“I’m a very spiritual person and he’s come to me many of times in my dreams,” she told “But, I don’t think he’s happy at all, at all!”


She added: “Biggie was so much more than what they put him out to be in that movie. And to be honest with you, I know for a fact he’s not happy. He’s not satisfied at all. At all. And regardless of the fact, everybody who is involved in this movie, he has love for. Everybody.”

Lil’ Kim went on to suggest that the rapper’s ghost is set to make his feelings known soon.

“At the end of the day, he knows who’s who and what’s what,” she said. “Let me tell you something, the way he’s feeling is going to come out. Everything is going to come out later.

“You’re going to see who he really loved and the ones that are standing up for him the right way are the ones representing him the right way.”