Nova Twins take to the streets of London for Climate Live pop-up gig

Yesterday’s concert was held to raise awareness for Climate Live’s COP26 petition

Nova Twins made a surprise appearance in London yesterday, performing from an open-top bus at the Camden Stables as part of an impromptu setup organised by Climate Live.

The Climate Live initiative was launched in November of 2020 and made its official debut this April, with the primary aim (per its website) being to “enlarge the global movement [to fight climate change] by engaging with a new audience through music”.

Yesterday’s (November 6) concert was held to raise awareness for Climate Live’s COP26 petition, encouraging Londoners to call on world leaders to improve their action on climate change. Nova Twins headlined the show, performing alongside the likes of Hitchin indie-rockers Second Thoughts and DJ sets from Girli and July Jones.


On the concept behind the initiative, Climate Live founder Frances Fox said: “It all began as a glimmer of an idea in May 2019 that then caught the attention of youth across the globe. It has been humbling to see so many getting involved: there have been regular calls with organisers in over 40 countries as we grappled with the logistics to pull all the events off. It was incredible seeing Greta Thunberg launch the first of the concerts in 20 countries across the world and here we are today with the latest in the series.”

Take a look at some footage and photos of Nova Twins performing on the Climate Live bus below:

Among the tracks that Nova Twins performed was their latest single, ‘Antagonist’, released at the end of October as the former NME cover stars‘ first release on Marshall Records, and the first material to follow their 2020 debut album, ‘Who Are The Girls?’.

The duo, comprising vocalist/guitarist Amy Love and bassist Georgia South, recently teased that they were five songs into the recording process for their impending second album. “We’re definitely experimenting with things, and it sounds more like us than ever, in a way,” said South.


“All those little details and the scrappiness of things, that’s what feels ‘Nova’. To stay DIY but to keep progressing, it’s cool to send a message that anyone can do it… Just get grafting, and you can make magic.”

“Our thing has always been that if you can’t play it yourself on guitar, drums and bass, it’s not going on the record,” added Love. “We’re not saying that we’ll never go bigger, but for where we’re at with a second record, it’s nice to feel like it’s still a ‘come as you are’ kind of thing. We don’t want to say too much just yet, but trust us – when this album comes out, we feel like you’ll know about it!”

As previously announced, Nova Twins – who back in September, linked up with Fender for the launch of their Player Plus series – are due to hit the road for a UK tour in 2022. Before that, though, they’ll join Sleaford Mods on their forthcoming tour kicking off later this month.

Meanwhile, Tom Morello recently said Nova Twins were “one of [his] favourite bands”, calling them “an incredible band who deserve to be huge” in a new interview with NME.