Novelist criticises streaming services for labelling debut album ‘Explicit’

The 21-year-old wants you to "listen freely"

Novelist has criticised the decision by streaming services to label his debut album ‘Explicit’.

The new record, ‘Novelist Guy’, was released on April 13.

Novelist, AKA Kojo Kankam, took to Twitter and Instagram to show his frustration at the decision, and implore his fans to still listen to the album.


He said: “My album was listed as Explicit on every digital service provider.

“There is not one expletive on my album.

“This has not defeated the whole purpose of the album and I’d encourage you listen to it freely.”

In a four star review of the album, NME’s Larry Bartleet said: “The 21-year-old’s mantra-like lyrics hammer each song’s point home… Every sentiment on ‘Novelist Guy’ is deeply felt.”


The new album was released on the Lewisham grime MC’s own label, Mmmyeh Records, which he started in 2016.


At the time he established the label, he told NME: “I like to enable the people that are around me.

“It’s easy to get a name for yourself… but when you can use that position for your friends and they do well, I feel like that’s why you start as a musician in the first place.”