Novelist on launching new label: ‘I like to help the people around me’

Grime MC announces plans for Mmmyeh Records

Novelist has detailed plans for his new record label, Mmmyeh Records, in an interview with NME.

The grime MC announced his intentions to go independent earlier this year, tweeting in August: “I’ve gone 100% independent. Started my own label. My team are gonna eat and do what we want. Love to everyone who’s helped me get here.” Last weekend, he tweeted a photo of himself celebrating with a bottle of champagne, along with the caption: “When you start your own record label”.

Speaking to NME over the phone this week, Novelist explained the inspiration behind the move, saying: “Basically, I’m the kind of guy [who likes] to enable the people that are around me. It’s easy to get a name for yourself… but when you can use that position for your friends and they do well, I feel like that’s why you start as a musician in the first place. Not to just live good, but to actually live good with your friends.”


“So that’s the main reason why I started the label because I felt like, if we’re going to govern our music and make the most out of ourselves we should own everything that we’re doing and own everything that we can possible. I feel like I’m in the position to do that.”

Asked whether he has any artists he wants to sign, Novelist replied: “Every artist that I’m signing to the label is not majorly established at the moment. It’s not a problem, because they will be in due time. I’ve got a reason because these are some [artists] from my local area that I’ve personally been working with for a couple of years.”

“We have SBK, you might’ve seen him on our last Rinse FM video [watch below]. I’ve just brought him in, shine a little light on him. We’ve got a whole roster of producers but the whole thing is, at the moment, we might just sign projects and see what actually works. Rather than, ‘Yeah I want to sign you for a lifetime’. We’ll be more flexible, more convenient to the artist because then we actually think about the specific campaigns tailored to the projects, rather than what’s the plan getting lost in the source.”

Last year, Novelist released his ‘1 Sec EP’ via XL Recordings. On his relationship with the label, he said: “What inspired me to make my own label was that I did a project with XL. It let me know that yeah you can make a label, you don’t have to have an artist tied down to you, you can do a project with them, and the project still be successful. That’s kind of what happened with me and XL… People think that being on a label there’s millions of phone calls made and all that jazz, no it wasn’t like that at all… XL allowed me to just be myself, I dropped my project with them and the relationship was cool. I know that I can call people that work at that label and there’s nothing to it other than ‘What next and how you doing?’ When I spent time around different crowds, different labels, it was good. It allowed me to see how things work.”


Elsewhere in the NME interview, Novelist discussed hanging out with Drake. Read the full interview next week.

Novelist recently confirmed that he will be releasing new music very “soon”. He has previously released two EPs – ‘1 Sec EP’ last year and ‘Sniper EP’ in 2014.