Novelist celebrates launching his own record label

Grime MC goes independent

Novelist has launched his own record label.

Little is known of the label, including its name, but the grime MC announced his intentions to go independent earlier this year, tweeting in August: “I’ve gone 100% independent. Started my own label. My team are gonna eat and do what we want. Love to everyone who’s helped me get here.” Last year, Novelist released his ‘1 Sec EP’ via XL Recordings.

Over the weekend, Novelist tweeted a photo of himself celebrating with a bottle of champagne, along with the caption: “When you start your own record label”.


He later tweeted that he is going to “make a lot of music with Mez”, referring to the Nottingham artist. Mez has since responded to the tweet, saying: “Wicked Geeza”. See those tweets beneath.

Novelist recently confirmed that he will be releasing new music very “soon”. He has previously released two EPs – ‘1 Sec EP’ last year and ‘Sniper EP’ in 2014. At the weekend, he shared his ‘#Pisstake’ freestyle.

Novelist also recently announced on social media that he has joined the Labour Party.


In January, Novelist released a track, ‘Street Politician’, which took aim at David Cameron. He followed it up with ‘Tax The MPs’ in April, in which he spits the words “liar, liar, pants on fire” over a sample of one Cameron’s speeches.

At Glastonbury, the MC led a massive crowd chant of “Fuck David Cameron!”. He also came out in support of staying in the EU in the weeks preceding the referendum.