Now Phil Collins himself is telling you how to ‘start off your new year right’

Can you hear it calling in the air tonight?

Phil Collins has taken to Twitter to join in the ‘start off your new year right’ campaign, urging people to play his classic track ‘In The Air Tonight’.

Over the last few weeks, Twitter users have been sharing songs to played at certain times ahead of midnight, so that a certain climax of the track coincides with midnight on NYE.

Now the Genesis man, drum legend and solo icon has joined in the fun with instructions of his own.


“If you play ‘In The Air Tonight’ by Phil Collins on December 31st at 11:56:40 the drum break will play right as the clock strikes midnight,” he wrote on Twitter. “Start off your new year right.”

This year saw Collins return to the road for ‘The First Farewell Tour’ – with his teenage son joining him for drum duties.

“I’ve been really exposed to my father’s music my entire life, so it’s second nature,” said his son Nicholas.

On performing his father’s own music, Nicholas added: “It’s different to hear how my dad did it compared to what another drummer did [in concert], so obviously I want to be like what he did since he’s the one that played the song and wrote the actual drum part.”


Meanwhile, Genesis recently teased that they could reunite for their 50th anniversary.

“I do appreciate the fact that we’re all very good friends, which is nice, especially the three of us,” said Mike Rutherford. “Who knows?”

“I did a book about me and my father called The Living Years about four years ago, and Phil did a book last year,” Rutherford continued. “I came away, as he did too, with a feeling of what an incredible time we’ve had. How lucky we’ve been. And more importantly, what a great friendship we’ve had.”

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