NWA ‘Fuck Tha Police’ demo featuring unheard verse surfaces online – listen

Recording features first of three reportedly deleted Ice Cube verses

An unreleased demo of NWA‘s ‘Fuck Tha Police’ has surfaced online, featuring an unheard verse from Ice Cube.

The rough recording was uploaded to YouTube recently and unearthed by website Global Grind. It features lyrics by Ice Cube that were edited out of the final release. It is said to be the first of three unheard Ice Cube verses from the song.

On the newly unveiled verse, Ice Cube raps: “Stereotypes of a brother like me/Down with the niggas from the CPT posse / They callin’ me a thug ’cause I carry a piece/That’s why I say, ’Fuck police!’” Listen below.


‘Fuck Tha Police’ was originally released by NWA in 1988 and featured on their debut album ‘Straight Outta Compton’.

NWA are the focus of biopic Straight Outta Compton, which was released in the UK in August. The film is named after the classic album and follows the rise of the outfit, touching on their brushes with the local police and ultimate success in the music industry.

Jerry Heller, the former NWA manager played by Paul Giamatti in the film, is suing its makers for over $100m (£71m).

TMZ reports that Heller is suing for defamation after seeing himself portrayed as a “sleazy manager who took advantage of Eazy-E, Dr Dre and Ice Cube” in the successful 2015 musical biopic. Heller states that this is a “false and damaging” portrayal of his character. He also labels certain stories told within the film, including the allegation that he made NWA sign bad record deals, as “lies”.


In legal documents obtained by the US publication, Heller even claims that he did not eat lobster at lunch when signing the group. Heller adds that he never gave Dr Dre, Ice Cube, the estate of Eazy-E, NBC Universal, and other parties associated with the film permission to use likeness.


He is seeking $35m (£22m) in compensation plus a further $75m (£48m) in damages and also wants 100 per cent of the film’s profits. Straight Outta Compton has taken about $160m (£103m) at the US box office alone.