Eazy-E’s son claims father’s death was caused by Suge Knight injecting him with Aids blood

NWA rapper passed away in March 1995

The son of late NWA member Eazy E has claimed that his father was murdered by hip-hop mogul Suge Knight.

Eazy E passed away in March 1995 from complications due to Aids, with his son, Eric Wright Jr (also known by his stage names Lil Eazy and Yung Eazy), claiming in a new interview that former Death Row Records boss Knight was responsible for injecting him with the disease.

Speculation surrounding Eazy E’s death has resurfaced following the release of NWA biopic film Straight Outta Compton.


Suge Knight is currently on trial for murder, accused of an alleged hit-and-run attack following an incident at a car park of a Compton fast food restaurant in January.

Writing on Instagram, Wright claims to have always “known my pops was killed”, adding that the rapper’s death “never added up”.

Wright alluded to an “incident” at a recording studio where Knight had been sent by NWA bandmate Dr Dre to seek Dre’s release from his recording contract.


Wright adds in his Instagram post: “Eazy did not get sick until after the studio incident with Suge”, also sharing a US TV clip of Knight joking using Aids injections as a weapon. In the video, which dates back to 2003, Knight describes shooting people with Aids as “a slow death… an Eazy-E death”.

Wright concludes: “The truth is out there its just blinded by the fact that [Eazy E] had alot of sex”.

See the Instagram post and video below.



Straight Outta Compton opens in UK cinemas this Friday (August 28).

Eazy-E’s daughter recently said that she’s producing a documentary about the rapper after claiming that “pivotal moments are left out” of the NWA film.

EB Wright criticised the picture and claimed it does not accurately portray matters regarding her father’s life.

“A lot of Eazy-E’s storyline was missing but that’s OK because I’m producing a documentary that will show everything including his death,” Wright wrote in a tweet.

She continued: “Sit tight and wait for the doc A Ruthless Scandal: No More Lies… Just saying a lot of pivotal moments in Eazy’s life were left out.”

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