Ice Cube on NWA’s influence: ‘We opened the door for Eminem and ‘South Park”

Rapper and actor speaks

Ice Cube said that NWA’s approach to music helped pave the way for other boundary pushing figures in popular culture.

The NWA rapper spoke to NME as part of a Twitter Q&A this afternoon (August 20) alongside his son Oshea Jackson Junior, who plays Ice Cube in NWA biopic Straight Outta Compton. Jason Mitchell, who plays Eazy-E in the film, was also present.

Asked if he can imagine a hip-hop artist making the same kind of political impact as NWA did when they first emerged, Ice Cube said he was confident they could.


“People say the right things, strike the right chord, touch the right nerve. I mean I’m not going to say NWA was ultra political, we were just ultra honest. So it’s really about another group hitting the right topic at the right time and connecting with the people. They can make a big impact.”

Meanwhile, when quizzed on what he believes NWA’s legacy will be, the rapper said that anyone who pushes boundaries in their respective field has the group to thank.

“We made it OK for artists to be themselves,” he said. “We let the world know that you could be just as famous doing it hard and rough and taboo and dirty and all the other things that they call our music. We opened a door for artists like Eminem and shows like South Park. It gave young people a 360 range of expression.”

Catch up on the #AskCompton Twitter Q+A below.

Straight Outta Compton recently topped the US box office, grossing an impressive $56.1 million (£36.9 million) over its opening weekend. It opens in UK cinemas on Friday (August 21).