Dr Dre tells NME about the decision to reform gangsta rap's first superstars and the concept of Ghetto Metal...

NWA (Niggaz With Attitude) have reunited after splitting in the early 90s. Dr Dre, Ice Cube and MC Ren, with Snoop Dogg standing in for the late Eazy E have recorded at least one new track called ‘Chin Check’, which will be included on the soundtrack of Ice Cube‘s new film Next Friday, a sequel to his comedy Friday. A new NWA album should be in the shops this time next year.

“We’re starting an NWA album,’ Dr Dre told “We’re gonna call the album ‘Not these Niggas Again…’.”

The project has been gestating for some time and was interrupted by Cube’s work on the acclaimed Gulf war comedy Three Kings.

“Me and Cube go back a long time, and I don’t see nothing being able to stop our friendship,” he said of the rapper. “It was around summer ’82. Me and my mother had a couple of disagreements then, so I went to stay with my aunt for a while, who lived 2 houses away from Cube. I was Djing a lot then, and he came to my ants to dinner. My cousin and Cube were good friends and Cube would come over and rap on the mix tapes. He came through and was like, ‘I write rhymes’, lets work it out. We met doing music.”

Dre dismissed suggestions that he was getting NWA together now to try to correct some of the mistakes he made with the group in the past.

“I think I’ve done everything real cool so far. We definitely plan to raise a few eyebrows this time,” he said. “We plan to keep it in the NWA tradition: something that’s shocking, something that’s funny, something’s gonna make you move your head. No matter how much critics say they don’t like it, they gonna bop to it, straight. We’re trying for Christmas 2000 release. It’s gonna take 10 months to a year.”

Dre also said that the new breed of metal/rap crossover bands was instrumental in his decision; he wants to take the new NWA on the road to play rock shows.

Limp Bizkit is my favourite. He knows how to market. I wanna go on tour with those guys. Korn, Limp Bizkit and NWA doing stadiums,” he said. “That’s the cool thing about hip-hop music. Anyone can get involved in it. It gives me a little more motivation. I wanted to do something like that years ago. Call it ghetto metal. Thought it would be kind of interesting…”

The soundtrack album for Next Friday is released on December 13. The film opens in the US in January; no UK release date has been set.

Read the full Dr Dre interview in NME dated December 4, out next Wednesday.