NWA won’t reunite live at Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame due to ‘lack of support’

Cheap Trick, Chicago, Deep Purple and Steve Miller will also be inducted into the Hall Of Fame tonight (April 8)

Ice Cube has stated that NWA will attend the 2016 Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame induction ceremony, but will not perform live.

The hip-hop group will be inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame at an event in New York on Friday night (April 8), alongside this year’s fellow inductees Cheap Trick, Chicago, Deep Purple and Steve Miller.

Rapper Ice Cube recently spoke to The New York Times, confirming that the group won’t be performing, explaining: “I guess we really didn’t feel like we were supported enough to do the best show we could put on.”


Asked whether he perceived a lack of support from the organisers, Ice Cube replied: “Pretty much, yeah. We wanted to do it on a whole other level, and that just couldn’t happen.”

He went on to add: “But we’re totally honoured, humbled and appreciative to the Hall for even just considering us, inducting us and inviting us… I believe everybody’s going to be there. As it stands now.”


Ice Cube previously spoke to Rolling Stone about NWA’s induction, saying: “It’s hard to sum up exactly what it means. It means a lot of things. It means that the group’s mark is kind of solidified. It’s all legitimised in a way because the whole music industry has to honour the group in a way… It’s everything that kind of eluded us in a lot of ways when we were coming up. So many people were opinionated about NWA. I think everyone now at this point, no matter how you feel about us, understands what the group actually did and what it means to modern music.”

The 2016 ceremony will be broadcast on HBO later this month (April 30).

Ice Cube recently said that he will reunite the living members of NWA at this year’s Coachella festival.

The rapper is listed on the line-up for this year’s event as a solo artist, alongside headliners Guns N’ Roses, Calvin Harris and LCD Soundsystem. However, in an interview with US show The Talk, he promised that his set will feature much more.


“I’ve got some tricks up my sleeves … I’m gonna try to bring the members of N.W.A. together. Give everybody a little history lesson on Ice Cube and N.W.A., West Side Connection, everything I’ve been doing over the years,” he said.

He then added that his set will include “some great visuals”. Some reports suggest this mean the late Eazy-E may come back in hologram form.

Dr Dre has not performed with the group in some years but Ice Cube did briefly reunite with DJ Yella and MC Ren at the BET Experience last year prior to the release of Straight Outta Compton.


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