Ice Cube calls NWA fan George Osborne his ‘homie’

The Chancellor recently revealed he once went to see rap group in London

Ice Cube has responded to the recent revelation that British Chancellor George Osborne is a NWA fan and once attended one of the hip-hop group’s gigs.

After revealing that he once invited Dr Dre to Downing Street for tea, the Tory politician also spoke of his diverse music taste in a recent interview, declaring his love for NWA and claiming to have attended a London concert by the rap group in the early ’90s.

Ice Cube was informed of his political fan in an interview with BBC Radio 5 Live this week, with the rapper responding: “Yeah, he’s my homie. That’s what I’m saying, you know. We can influence the world. He went to a NWA concert and look what he turned out to be.”


Speaking about the NWA gig late last year, Osborne described it as the “coolest thing I’ve ever done” and said that he liked their “raw and angry” style. Quizzed on his favourite NWA song, he suggested it was 1988 hit ‘Fuck Tha Police’ but stopped short of saying the title out loud: “It begins with ‘F’ but I think I’d better stop there.”

Watch a clip from the interview in the video below.

Osborne has also stated that he is a Sufjan Stevens fan and that his daughter once banned him from attending a Taylor Swift concert with her because she thinks he is “really uncool”.

Osborne isn’t the first politician to speak of their musical tastes. David Cameron is a well known fan of The Smiths and Jeremy Corbyn recently used an obscure ’70s Detroit soul B-side as his Labour conference exit track.