Any fans expecting a kiss at this afternoon's London instore will be "crossing the line"...

O-TOWN are making an appearance at LONDON’s flagship HMV store this afternoon – but JACOB from the band has told NME.COM that any fans expecting a kiss will be “crossing the line”

On the subject of fans, Jacob tells us: “Everyone’s got crazy fans. Every time I go into the hotel I’m going to get an earring ripped out or they’ll take out one of my dreadlocks and put it in a glass case. There’s a boundary that people need to respect. We’ll sign something for you and shake your hand, but as soon as you spit on my cheek that’s crossing the line.”

The star then went one further, insisting that O-Town are not indebted to their fans. “We don’t owe you anything just because we’re famous or on TV,” he said. “When we do go out and do autographs, it’s a respect factor as human beings.”


Jacob also turned his nose up at the thought of dating Britney Spears, commenting “I don’t take any sloppy seconds”. When NME.COM suggested that virginal Britney was unlikely to be providing sloppy seconds, Jacob added, mysteriously, “Of course.”

On the subject of Britney versus Christina, Erik from the band concluded: “I don’t really want to sleep with either of them. If I had to, I’d do both. At the same time.”

To see second part of NME.COM’s interview with O-Town, visit our O-Town microsite at The band’s signing tomorrow begins at 1pm.

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