Jacob from O-Town puts down his handbag to tell NME.COM that Lance Bass has a big mouth, basically...


have issued a threat to *N

SYNC, telling NME.COM that the boyband should


be “pretty worried about shooting off their mouths”.

In an interview with NME.COM, Jacob from O-Town

blasts *NSYNC‘s Lance Bass for comments he made about O-Town.

“I think it’s really bold of him to open his mouth and start shooting off about

us because he knows where we came from and we’re working with the same people that

put *N


Sync together,” he fumes. “I’m kinda worried that we might let

out some secrets ‘cos we’ve found out some stuff about how real or not real they

are. I’d be pretty worried if I was him if he wants to keep shooting off his


“I think he was a lot safer when he was commenting on the people we were working

with,” Erik continues, “but he made a big mistake when he

commented on us as a band. We’re going to do things that are going to surprise a lot

of people. I feel really bad when people have to eat their words.”

Dan from the band adds: “I think we have just as many qualities

as *N

Sync, though we’re not as big as them. They were put together

and they didn’t really have a reason to be put together; we did because we had a TV

show. I think it’s a double-standard for him to say anything.”

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