It's the first time actress Patsy Kensit has publically spoken since her divorce from singer Liam Gallagher...

PATSY KENSIT, the ex-wife of Oasis vocalist LIAM GALLAGHER has spoken for the first time about the pair’s split and subsequent divorce, saying, “I thought he was beautiful.”

Speaking in an interview with US magazine Gear, reproduced in today’s Daily Mirror newspaper (October 10), Kensit said: “Liam was the complete and utter epitome of unquestioning devotion, love, desire… I thought he was beautiful…

“My downfall is that I’ll defend the indefensible – and I’m not referring to one person in particular – only to have them throw it back in my face.”


Elsewhere, Kensit reveals that from the start, the Oasis frontman’s traditional wild ways were apparent. She continued: “The week he moved in with me, he went out one night and returned to this hotel with a supermodel, and I went around and booted his car and everything… I am a feisty cow, you know, I can really hold my own.”

Oasis release a double live album, ‘Familiar To Millions’, on November 13 through Big Brother. The album was recorded at the band’s first Wembley Stadium show from their recent world tour, and also features a live cover of The Beatles‘Helter Skelter’, recorded in the US.

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