"All drugs are good" - have your say...

Noel Gallagher has spoken out again on drug use in the UK, on the eve of a new report from the Cleveland Constabulary which supports the legalisation and regulation of “some or all drugs”.

The report suggests drugs like cannabis are de-criminalised and ecstasy be reduced from a Class A drug to Class B or C.

In an exclusive interview due to appear in next week’s issue of NME, as part of our regular Fan-ish Inquistion series, Noel said: “I think they’re all good, actually. Every single one. They all serve a purpose. Apart from crack and heroin which are pretty bad because they kill you – or in the case of crack you kill other people, ha! I’ve had good times on them all. As long as you use them in the right way and don’t abuse them and don’t let them fuck you up they’re fucking top.”


He went on to say: “As soon as people accept that in this country we are in the midst of a massive drug culture and have been since the dawn of the ’80s the better. It’s no big deal for most people. There’s nothing wrong with it, all part of growing up.”

But while Noel and the Cleveland police’s report are both urging tolerance for drug users, Prime Minister Tony Blair and his ‘drugs tsar’ Keith Hellawell are said to preparing stricter measures to deal with soaring drug offences.

Blair favours a US-style ‘zero tolerance’ approach to the drug problem with sterner sentences for users and dealers.

See next week’s issue of NME for the full Noel interview – and hear his potentially outrageous opinions about the Britsh Royal Family.

Meanwhile, what are YOUR opinions about drugs? Do you agree with the new police report that the Government should decriminalise cannabis? Do you agree that Ecstasy should be declassified from a Class A to a Class B drug? Give us your vote. You can also give us your opinions on any other issues raised by the current debate about drugs. Click here to place your vote and voice your opinions

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