Oasis and Pet Shop Boys have called for the remainder of the tragedy-struck Roskilde Festival to be cancelled...

Oasis and Pet Shop Boys – who were due to play tonight (July 1) on the stage where eight music fans died during Pearl Jam‘s set at the ROSKILDE MUSIC FESTIVAL in DENMARK last night – have called for the event to be closed down.

Both bands were due to play the main stage tonight, where the tragedy happened at 11.30pm last night.

A statement issued this afternoon reads: “Oasis and Pet Shop Boys have reacted to the tragic news that [eight] people lost their lives at last night’s Roskilde Festival in Denmark. Both bands are due to appear later this evening on the same stage in front of which the tragedy occurred yesterday evening. Oasis and Pet Shop Boys feel that out of respect for those who have died and their families, it is inappropriate to go ahead with tonight’s performance.


‘Furthermore, they feel that is essential the area around where the tragedy took place is closed down and isolated to allow the appropriate authorities to fully investigate the causes of the tragedy, and to learn how it can be prevented from ever happening again. This is essential for the future confidence in, and safety of, open air music events of this nature.

“For the above reasons, we urge the promoters of the Roskilde festival to close down activities on the main stage that are planned for the rest of the festival.”

The stage has been closed since Pearl Jam left last night, an hour into their set, after the incident in which fans at the front of the stage were trampled.

Frontman Eddie Vedder has pleaded with fans to take a step back when it became clear there were people being crushed, and when the extent of the difficulties being faced by fans became clear, he is reported to have knelt down on the stage in tears.

The Cure, who were supposed to play after them, did not go on.

Organisers, who consulted with police before deciding to go ahead with the remainder of the festival, cordoned off the area between the sound desk and the front of the stage, and one eyewitness who is at the site told nme.com that fans have been laying flowers, with some sitting crying at the edge of the area.


“The atmosphere is very subdued. Some people are sitting by the area, just thinking, others are crying, some have left Pearl Jam T shirts and flowers.”

The Bishop of Roskilde was due to conduct a memorial service from the main stage this afternoon before Youssou N’Dour goes on at 5.30p.m.

Meanwhile, Pearl Jam have cancelled their remaining European tour dates and are expected to return to the US. The band had a day off today, and were due to play at a festival in Werchter, Brussels tomorrow and headline their own gig in Rotterdam on Monday. As previously reported, they posted an anguished statement on their Synergywebsite, www.sonymusic.com/artists/PearlJam/ this morning.

A spokesperson for Roskilde County Hospital said that one fan, who has serious back inuries, is still unconscious. Another seriously hurt male is detained, and five others who were treated last night were released. He said that eight ambulances were on the scene within 11 minutes of receiving the emergency call at 11.30pm last night.

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