The Oasis star announces plans for his label - including solo albums by himself and brother Liam...

Oasis star Noel Gallagher has announced that he wants to release the new album from his side-project Tailgunner on his own Big Brother label, nme.com can exclusively reveal.

Speaking last week at the penultimate night of the NME Premier Shows at the London WC1 Astoria – during which he declared the week-long series of shows “fucking mega” – Noel said: “We’re trying to get the album back off Sony, ‘cos everything went into Sony (when Creation folded). I think McGee’s trying to do us a favour, ‘cos it went right to the back of the list and a lot of people at Sony, they’re like, somebody comes in and says, Tailgunner, who are they? So I think McGee’s trying to hurry it up so we can get the tapes back.”

Noel, who plays drums in the outfit, which is headed by former Oasis engineer Mark Coyle and former tour guitarist Paul ‘Strangeboy’ Stacey, continued: “It (the Tailgunner album) was supposed to be out a month, six weeks before ours, but then it all went into shit with Creation. But we’ll get it out eventually.”

Noel went on to say that everything was going to plan so far with the release of the new Oasis album ‘Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants’, out February 28 and new single ‘Go Let It Out’, out last Monday, which have both been released through Big Brother.

“It’s all rockin’ on man,” he enthused. “It’s a bit daunting, ‘cos, y’know, we’ll be taking the risks with it all now. But it’s good to know that you can sell your own records, y’know, so, brilliant.”

However, he said that any plans for him to go out and talent scout for new bands to sign up to the label were currently on hold, as the band would be busy until next year.

“We’re going to be on the road for the best part of the next year and I don’t think it would be fair if I was to see a band like, playing tonight and sign ’em up, ‘cos I’d like to be there to see the development of bands. But I suppose that in the future, when we get older and slow down the touring bit I definitely want to do that, definitely.”

Noel also confirmed that he intended to release a solo album – but added that he thought every member of Oasis should, particularly his brother and Oasis singer Liam Gallagher, who makes his songwriting debut on the forthcoming Oasis album with ‘Little James’‘.

Noel explained: “I don’t know whether I’m going to put it out (the solo album) as soon as I record stuff, but I’m definitely going to record stuff as I go along just so it’s there really.”

“I think Liam should definitely do his own solo album to be honest with you ‘cos the stuff that he’s been writing is not stuff that you’d associate with Oasis, it’s, um, very odd, ‘cos he’s very odd. But you know, the label’s there now, so if he wants to record tunes, you know. I think everyone in the band should go off and do other things, because it just keeps you fresh.”

For more of this exclusive interview, see this week’s NME issue dated February 9 – or read more here tomorrow on nme.com.