But Michael Eavis still has them in his sights to headline Glastonbury 2000...

Oasis are still in the frame to play Glastonbury 2000 – despiteNoel Gallagher appearing to criticise last month’s festival.

Spotted at the Toxic Twin Towers Aerosmith gig at Wembley during Glastonbury weekend, he declared: “It fuckin’ beats going to Glastonbury, d’you know what I mean? There’ve been a thousand robberies or something it said on the telly this morning. At least they can’t blame me for that.”

But festival organiser Michael Eavis said they were still talking to Oasis with a view to headlining the event next year.


He said: “He loves playing here! Maybe he just didn’t want to come as a ligger and get hassled all the time, or maybe he’s got so rich now that Glastonbury doesn’t matter to him any more. Maybe he’s got a bit big for his boots.

“But that’s not the impression I got from them. We’d obviously still love them to play and last time we talked to them about next year it still seemed possible. We’re still in dialogue with them, so we’ll see.”

He also revealed that, despite the recent death of his wife and co-promoter Jean, he would continue to organise Glastonbury Festival for another five years at least – with help from his 19-year-old daughter Emily who is getting more involved with the running of the 100,000-capacity event.

“This year was the best yet – a wonderful send-off for Jean. It gives you the heart to carry on,” he added.

Eavis told NME that this year’s festival has raised more than #700,000 for charity. The money will be split between causes including Oxfam, Greenpeace and WaterAid and some will go towards building a new Pilton Village Hall.

As for this year’s record crime figures, Eavis said they were a “bummer” and blamed the fine weather, but said he was working with Avon & Somerset Police on a number of strategies in an effort to bring them down next year.