Oasis star attends Shack show and gives personal blessing...

Noel Gallagher joined the audience at the penultimate night of the NME Premier Shows at the London Astoria on Sunday and declared the week-long series of shows “fucking mega”.

First-time father Noel took a night off from baby-sitting newborn daughter Anais, to see Shack, but was gutted to miss Campag Velocet, who he’d hoped to catch, along with Coldplay and Les Rhythmes Digitales.

He told NME: “(I came to see) Shack really, but I’ve come to see everyone ‘cos I’ve got a night off tonight, which is the only time I get to see bands these days. I’m gutted that I missed them (Campag)), ‘cos I saw them on Jools Holland and thought they looked alright. I don’t know much about them, only stuff I’ve heard on free CDs that you’ve given away with the NME. But they sound alright.”


Noel continued that he wished he could have relived his youth and seen every single show!

“I tell you what, I wish I was 17 again and I could come out seven nights a week to this. We never used to get stuff like this in Manchester when I was young now I’m getting a bit older, you got to stay in and do all the dad shit and all that stuff. It’s good for people to come and see 15 bands (25 actually -Ed), it’s fucking mega actually.”

See more of this exclusive interview in next week’s NME out on 9 February.

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